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Car oil is like human blood, we are here to provide the best quality oil for your car.

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Besharat Naghsh Afarin Jam Company

It was established on February 15, 2021 and the main activity of this group is the production of engine oils and various types of industrial oils and car gear oils. Managers and personnel of Besharat Naghsh Afarin Jam Company, relying on the capital of knowledge and hard work, have always been monitoring the production situation of our country and ...

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You can easily choose your car model as well as its function and we offer you the best oil based on that.

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MBA Manufacturer of motor and industrial oils

Superiority in the import and export of chemical products and cooperation with neighboring traders and manufacturers, guarantees the desired quality and reasonable price to customers and partners of this group.

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Our goal is to create the right quality for your peace of mind.


Due to the high quality of MBA oils and the high reception of your compatriots, this company exports its products to most of the neighboring countries, and this makes us proud that we have been able to satisfy you. Professional team


Our collection consists of experienced and persistent personnel who can meet your needs in the best possible way


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MBA manufacturer of motor oils and industrial oils with the highest quality and standard in the world

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engine oil

The type and type of car engine oil is very effective in increasing its life and performance, and inaccuracy in choosing the right engine oil can be associated with a lot of damage.

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Engine oil additives


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Engine oil polymers


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Mineral base oil


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